PGA Village is situated on 2,600 acres and is divided into 34 sub-divisions ranging from  condominiums and  villas to beautiful single family homes and stunning estate homes.

PGA Village began as a smaller residential development that grew up in 1980s and 90s that was called the Reserve and consisted of a few hundred properties bordering a new golf course that later became the Legacy. Much of the surrounding acreage was still devoted to citrus farming. The original community was substantially expanded in the early 2000s under a new master plan. A long term agreement was reached with the PGA of America in the mid-2000s to locate PGA Golf Club within the community with three championship level golf courses, a major golf training center and the Museum, as part of the renamed PGA Village. The nearly completed community was transferred to the PGA Village Property Owners Association in 2008.

Anna Chroscicki
Anna Chroscicki