​Selling home is not only big decision but also big transaction (probably the biggest you will ever be involved in). And naturally our fee (commission) is one expense that you may consider skip. Of course you can sell home on your own. It is perfectly legal and with technology getting it “out there” is not that hard.    

But in reality, the dollars you save on commissions are often a wash when you consider the higher sales price an experienced agent can bring to the table. Statistically, a home on the market listed “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) takes longer to sell and  sells for less than its real estate pro–represented counterparts. WHY ?

1)Pricing. Real Estate Agent knows how to price. Going too high will keep your property on market for months and will “bore” potential buyers.

Going too low...of course I don’t have to explain why that is not a good idea.

2) Negotiating. There are some issues (ideas) that are easy to adjust, there are some that Real Estate Agent will know to leave alone.

3)Advertising. Even though (like I mentioned before) you can place ads on internet, Real Estate Professionals have so much more exposure…

4) Protection.First of all just your personal safety. Real Estate offices vet potential buyers. Very rarely you will get Real Estate Agent to show up on your door steps with someone they just met. On the other hand, you will get plenty of phone calls or door knocks from “potential buyers” who will expect to view your home “right now”.

Second kind of protection is in deal itself. There are many things that potential buyer may include in offer and if you miss something that may hurt you and sign, this offer will become legal contract and unfortunately you will be obligated to adhere to written rules.
Of course I am being subjective. This article is just invitation to consider options.  


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